Business Development Head, or COO ( Riyadh)
Full-time60k - 70K RMB per monthRiyadh
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Job Responsibilities

1. Decomposed the business indicators according to the annual targets of the headquarters, formulated reasonable and positive yearly business plans and monthly business targets, and achieved the established sales targets of the company; 2. Responsible for the construction and daily management of the business team; 3. Set up the business team training system, provided business guidance for team members, and improved the overall sales ability of the business department; 4. Formulate reasonable incentives, rewards and punishments, and other business team management systems, and constantly improve business team workflow; 5. Provide guidance and suggestions for product development from the business and user requirements perspective.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, English or Chinese can be used as a working language. 2. Engaged in the education industry and has sales experience. 3. Proficient in the closed-loop operation of planning, implementation, inspection, and resetting. 4. Be able to work under pressure, have strong communication skills, and have team spirit. 5. Full of passion and good at creating a good atmosphere for the sales team. 6. Relevant Education industry background is preferred. Please feel free to send your resume to Email or Whatsapp +86 18575629550

Required Languages

English, Arabic

Job Details

Position type

Other education positions


5~10 years

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