Account Manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenzhen
Dunyun Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

1. guide overseas customers to skillfully use the company's SaaS solutions by telephone, video conference, email, etc. to help customers grasp online sales opportunities for commodity distribution ; 2. design targeted solutions for customers according to their actual needs, provide best practice advice and products, help customers achieve online business growth and profitability ; 3. follow up the timely implementation of customer orders, timely feedback product inquiries, ensure that abnormal orders are handled in a timely and proper manner ; 4. based on the customer's historical performance, regularly provide customers with insightful business advice and up-to-date e-commerce industry developments ; 5. collect and integrate customer feedback and work with other teams (products, marketing, IT, etc.) to improve and optimize our products and services. 6. maintain customer relationship, improve customer satisfaction, strengthen customer stickiness and ensure customer renewal rate.

Job Requirements

1. full-time bachelor degree or above, major in english, e-commerce, marketing, etc .; 2.2 years experience in customer service and management, familiar with cross-border e-commerce industry and related knowledge, experience in e-commerce front desk D2C business platform (e.g. Shopify Plus、Magento、BigCommerce), e-commerce market (amazon, wal-mart, etc.) and/or back-office operating platform (ERP、 transportation, inventory management, OMS、WMS); 3. fluent in english, speaking, reading and writing, able to communicate smoothly with foreign customers and face-to-face communication, overseas study and life experience is preferred ; 4. Familiar with the Internet, proficient in the use of network communication tools and various office software ; 5. Proactive, responsible and sense of ownership, with excellent customer communication and innovation skills, good pressure resistance.

Required Languages

French, English, Mandarin

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