Amazon Operator (Germany)
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenZhen
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Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the internal operation of Amazon German site. Dig into the details and improve your site conversion rate. Flexible response to various emergencies, to ensure the security of the account. Specific main contents include: 1. Develop the strategies about the whole store to increase the sales. 2. Upload new products,make the promote plan, achieve the sales task. 3. Timely replies to customer messages and emails, proper handling of customer issues. 4. Check and optimize the front store, product detail pages, listing information, account performance and latest policies. Timely remove the bad feedback and report the infringement, keep account healthy. 5. Regulate inventory, responsible for FBA shipments delivery. 6. Manage and optimize advertising campaigns, create promotion activities to increase traffic and exposure. 7. Cooperate with KOL, promote products on YouTube, Ins, Blog and etc. Bring traffic into store and achieve conversion. 8. Monitor reviews to maintain good star ratings and quantity growth. 9. According to the requirements of superiors, complete other work arrangements.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, German major 4, German major 8, proficient in reading and writing, good oral English, experience in German customer service is preferred; 2. Proactive, patient and responsible, strong executive ability and enterprise. Careful and responsible, with team spirit. Practical and steady, have a good professional ethics. 3. Have the spirit of study. Like to dig into problems. Have strong independent learning ability and analytical ability. 4. Clear thinking and good at communication. When confronted with problems, I can calmly and clearly analyze the causes and find solutions quickly. 5. Able to bear hardships, work under pressure, and actively achieve the sales target stipulated by the company.

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Job Details

Position type

International Trade


1~3 years

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