AI Data Annotation Project Manager
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Job Responsibilities

Team MarsCrowd is an ambitious, driven team with a mission to transform the AI Machine learning Data industry with the best possible service and programs aiming to support Startups and those companies trying to create a better world through AI. We thrive in a dynamic, high-paced work environment, while we work towards our goal of global expansion and make a better world through Machine learning. You • Enjoy being part of a multicultural team • Get excited by the potential to grow • Proactive in seeking new improvement opportunities for your managed projects and tasks • Able to detect patterns or trends before anyone else • Strong problem-solving abilities • Strong planning abilities • Excellent ability to understand the organization’s goals and objectives Role Responsible for the global operation of MarsCrowd crowdsourcing projects. 1. Assist leaders by independently following up and managing domestic and foreign customers to solve customer needs 2. Assist leaders by providing to customers quotations for data collection and annotation project. 3. Responsible for delivering the entire data collection and/or annotation project. 4. Able to assign the customer's project documents to adequate resources, inside and outside the company, monitoring the entire process, control, and timeline. 5. Responsible for checking (QA) of all the submitted projects to ensure compliance according to customers' requirements meeting their deadline. 6. Assist leaders in exploring overseas markets and maintaining existing customer relations to achieve steady business volume growth. 7. Actively coordinate within various departments as needed, update customers about the project's status, and complete the work delivered by customers and leaders.

Job Requirements

1. At least 3 years experience in project management or related field 2. Experience in fields of machine learning, data collection/annotation 3. Understand data labeling tools and be familiar with market resources and quotations. 4. Fluent in speaking and writing in English, communicating smoothly with customers directly via email and phone calls. 5. Be good at self-studying and have the enthusiasm to learn new software programs 6. Majored in computer science will be a plus 7. Currently live in China

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Engineering / Project Management


3~5 years

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