Art Producer
Full-timeNegotiableXi'An, TianJin, HangZhou, GuangZhou, ShangHai, ShenZhen, BeiJing
Elex Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Communicate and coordinate management of remote workflows and staff. 2. Outsourcing management. 3. Work out the schedule with the team leader, follow up and supervise, and finally ensure that the personnel of each coordinating unit complete the relevant work on time. 4. Coordinate and organize creative and development meetings. 5. Adapt to certain cross-border time difference communication.

Job Requirements

1.Native English Speaker, accurate expression of meaning in writing 2.Good communication skills 3. Bachelor degree or above. 4. Strong self-driving force. 5. Have a passion for the game industry. And is willing to work in the game industry. 6. Strong sense of responsibility, able to coordinate the responsible content from beginning to end.

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Job Details

Position type

Operation / Office Management


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