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Sales Engineer
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Positec Technology (China) Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Market research: understand the local market industrial structure, research the local market sales channels, the market capacity of different sales channels and competitors, and find out the opportunities and problems suitable for the company's sales; 2. Sales strategy: make and implement effective marketing promotion plans according to the market conditions of the responsible region and the company's products; 3. Sales implementation and channel development: formulated reasonable regional planning and dealer selection suggestions according to regional characteristics, and utilized the company's advantages to complete the development of blank markets; 4. Customer management/sales management: Assist customers to train sales staff on company, product knowledge, sales methods and other related skills, control the purchase, sales and inventory status of each customer in the regional market, ensure sufficient supply of goods for customers, increase sales, organize effective risk control for customers in the region; 5. Order fulfillment: Skilled in various methods of sales forecasting and operating principles, accurately forecast regional sales, regularly review the control of key projects, solve the urgent/difficult situation of customers' daily orders, eliminate the risk of order delivery, and ensure punctual delivery; 6. Completed other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job Requirements

Location: Bangalore、Pune or Baroda 1. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in English or Chinese, experience in channel management is preferred, and tool industry is preferred; 2. Have a keen market insight, adaptability, strong market development ability, good team coordination and communication skills; 3. Relevant sales support and management experience is preferred, and can adapt to travel.

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3~5 years

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