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Purchasing Engineer
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthSerbia - Serbia
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Job Responsibilities

1. Understand market price and technical information in real time, continuously collect and improve purchasing resource pool, organize review of potential suppliers and broaden supplier resource pool; 2. Achieve fixed-point pricing of new project materials and complete contract signing and settlement according to relevant system and operation norm of group purchasing, combined with category purchasing strategy and using cost analysis model; 3. Complete the annual price negotiation for the responsible material category to reach the goal of cost reduction; 4. Assist GADC department in cost assessment during RFQ stage; 5. Collect supplier cost, quality, delivery and other information to assist Purchasing Manager in improving Category Purchasing strategy. Periodic statistics and analysis of key data on procurement, including key data on procurement cost reduction, provisional amounts payable, delivery completion rate, etc. 6. Complete temporary tasks arranged within the department.

Job Requirements

1. College or above, purchasing or related major; 2. Three to five years professional experience in purchasing or related industries; 3. Be familiar with purchasing process, have professional material cost and price analysis ability and strong negotiation skills, master information about products, suppliers and prices related to purchasing, and be familiar with the development process and requirements of auto parts; 4. Understand the metal parts processing technology such as aluminium extrusion, stamping and die casting. Familiarity with electronic products (PCBA, wiring harness, electronic appliances, etc.) is preferred; Over 2 years purchasing experience in equipment, tooling or engineering, familiar with mechanical design and IT knowledge is preferred (one is sufficient); 5. Strong internal and external communication and pressure resistance.

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Job Details

Position type

Procurement Specialist/Supervisor


3~5 years

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