TikTok video Model/ live Streamer
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: 1. Responsible for the company's short video content, live stream shooting, product recommendation, and participation in content creation; 2. Responsible for life hosting on TikTok platform, participating in live stream content planning, creating a live stream style, actively interacting with TikTok/brands' fans, enlivening the atmosphere, increasing fan activity, guiding fans to pay attention to the live stream room, and increasing the number of fans online; 3. Continuously improve your own live stream and video creating capabilities, and participate in live stream selling goods, the content idea creating.

Job Requirements

1. Europeans or Americans, good-looking and recognizable; 2. Naturally face the camera, smile infectiously, speak clearly, and express smoothly; 3. Experienced in sales or marketing is preferred, and have passion for product promotion; 4. Good sense of the Internet, like visiting social networking sites such as Tik Tok, Ins, YouTube, etc., interested in short video advertisements, and have experience in product reviews are preferred.

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Other retail positions


1~3 years

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