Russian sales/ 俄语销售
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthGuangzhou
Guangzhou Tenghui International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Develop customers through online platforms such as Alibaba and Made-in-China; 2. Provide customers with special consulting services such as cargo transportation routes and expenses; 3. Carry out timely maintenance and effective management of customers to promote cooperation; 4. Regularly return visits to customers, solve customer problems in time, and increase the probability of ordering. 1.通过阿里巴巴、中国制造网等网上平台开发客户; 2.为客户提供货物运输路线、费用等专项咨询服务; 3.对客户进行及时的维护和有效的管理,从而促成合作; 4.定期回访客户,及时解决客户问题,提高成单几率。 Salary and benefits: 1. No responsibility basic salary + high commission (not capped) + full attendance bonus + billing bonus + big single bonus + monthly bonus + excellent performance bonus; 2.7.5 hour work system: 9:00-12:00 13:30-18:00 3. Take a rest every week and enjoy the legal holidays stipulated by the state; 4. Humanized system, the company encourages every employee to be creative; 5. Enjoy festive gifts, birthday parties, afternoon tea, employee dinners, outdoor activities, employee travel; 6. Our working atmosphere: open, relaxed, young, flat management work, reject laborious office politics; 7. Contact customers from all over the world and enjoy the fun of thinking collision; 8. Choosing our company, you will get a group of young and energetic partners to accompany you to move forward and grow together; 9. The company has a professional Russian sales team, foreign colleagues, both dynamic and capable. 薪酬福利: 1.无责任底薪+高额提成(不封顶)+全勤奖+开单奖+大单奖+月度奖金+优秀业绩奖金; 2.7.5小时工作制: 9:00-12:00 13:30-18:00 3.大小周休息,享受国家规定的法定节假日; 4.人性化制度,公司鼓励每位员工发挥创造力; 5.享受过节礼品,生日party、下午茶、员工聚餐、户外活动、员工旅行; 6.我们的工作氛围:开放、轻松、年轻、扁平化管理工作,拒绝费力气的办公室政治; 7.接触来自全球各地的客户,享受思维碰撞的乐趣; 8.选择我们公司,你将得到一群年轻又有活力的小伙伴,陪伴你前进、共同成长; 9.公司拥有专业的俄语销售团队,是外国同事,既有活力又有能力。

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, Russian as mother tongue or major in Russian, fluent in Chinese; 2.Those who have online sales experience or have been engaged in the international logistics industry are preferred; 3.Have good psychological quality and work habits, have a sense of responsibility, self-motivated, and be good at thinking; 4.Strong communication and language skills, clear mind, quick thinking, and good customer service awareness. 1.本科及以上学历,俄语为母语或俄语专业均可,中文流利; 2.有网络销售经验或从事过国际物流行业者优先录用; 3.具备良好的心理素质和工作习惯,有责任心、上进心,善于思考; 4.较强的沟通能力和语言表达能力,头脑清晰、思维敏捷,有良好的客户服务意识。

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