HR & Admin Specialist
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthShenzhen
SparkX Marketing
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Job Responsibilities

1. High affinity, good image and temperament. Receive letters from customers and send and receive express, and reply them in time (customer service etiquette is required), follow up and return visit related work; 2. Maintain good communication and cooperation relationship with customers; Perform business customer reception and service to key customers; 3. Be familiar with various businesses and effectively deal with various reasonable demands of customers; 4. Responsible for reception service hotline answering and telephone transfer, good telephone consultation work, important matters carefully recorded and conveyed to relevant personnel, without omission or delay; 5. Responsible for the environmental maintenance of the front desk area to ensure the safety and normal operation of equipment (including photocopiers, air conditioners and punch cards, etc.) 6. Maintenance of employee attendance system, attendance statistics and management of outgoing personnel; 7. Familiar with the location of the company's service facilities and the features of administrative business operation, as well as the provision of various administrative business services and property charges

Job Requirements

1. Good command of English; Fluent in English communication and communication; 2. Experience in administrative business service or secretarial or administrative management is preferred; 3. Strong sense of service, proficient in Word, Excel, PPT and other related office software; 4. Good coordination and communication skills, a sense of responsibility, lively and cheerful personality, with affinity; 5. Knowledge of business etiquette.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Recruitment specialist


Less than one year

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