(Work from Bangkok)Head of Thai Product Operations
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthThailand
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Job Responsibilities

Location: Bangkok, Thailand Nationality: Any Language proficiency: English, Chinese Salary range: around 30k-60k The job you will be responsible for: 1. Responsible for the overall operation of mobile game products, developing operational strategies and commercialization strategies for different stages of the project based on game characteristics, user characteristics, and operational goals; 2. Lead the team to be responsible for product launch and updates, develop product launch and update processes, and ensure their safe and timely launch; 3. Deeply understand business objectives, work closely with the R&D team to provide optimization suggestions for product versions, achieve retention and revenue goals for each stage after the game is launched, and be responsible for business indicators; 4. Have a deep understanding of game data analysis, be able to identify product issues through data analysis and user feedback, and work together with R&D to find solutions; 5. Understand the user needs of different target regions, be able to provide suggestions for game development and operation based on user feedback and product situation, promote the deep localization process of products, and pay attention to the execution results; 6. Pay attention to market changes and continuously dismantle and analyze competitors in the market; 7. Responsible for team management and personnel development, able to guide and help the team grow in business and management abilities.

Job Requirements

The position requires that the person we aspire for is like this: 1. More than 1.5 years of experience in game operation, with overseas distribution and operation experience preferred; 2. At least 2 years of team management experience, with game planning experience preferred; Familiar with game user behavior in Southeast Asia, with a deep understanding of version modules and commercial content; 3. Sensitive to data, with strong data analysis and product tuning abilities, proficient in operational data collection and analysis, and successful tuning experience is preferred; 4. Bachelor's degree or above, proficient in English speaking and translation, with experience in small languages or studying abroad preferred; 5. Have a sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance, and self drive; 6. Love games and have the belief in bringing users the ultimate product experience.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Community Operation/Localization Operation


Unlimited experience

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