Field Application Engineer based in UK
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Job Responsibilities

Key responsibilities 1.Includes the same responsibilities as the office-based role. Mobile phone can also be sued for extra support. 2.Field service for customer, conduct/support field trial and commissioning for C&I projects. 3.Provide periodical on-site training for our client's customers (min. twice per month). 4.Create demo on ESS system level (mobile, in a van or etc.) for better field training experience. 5.Gather technical info from customer/competitor and feed back to R&D. 6.Mediate with aggravated cases and settle cases amicably 7.Attend sites where phone support could not get to a satisfactory conclusion 8.On-site repairs/adjustment (upgrade, etc.) for distributors or project commissioning purpose. 9.Build good relationships with local customers and installers. 10.Frequent local business trip shall be considered. If you have interest in this position, please feel free to contact recruiter, Rebecca Email: Whatsapp: +86 199 2519 5414; WeChat: hiredchina101

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1. Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or a related field, as well as technical experience in the installation and maintenance of energy storage systems. 2. At least 1 year of experience in Technical service roles related to energy storage or renewable energy. 3. Effective communication skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team are critical, as well as being able to work under pressure. 4. Applicants are expected to have a strong customer focus, technical expertise, and the ability to adapt to change.

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Operation/technical support


1~3 years

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