Car Interior Design Director
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for promoting the Interior Design Department and its related international cooperation business; 2. Responsible for the technical control team to analyze the work results of the vehicle's interior shape, color fabrics and industrial design trends of components, and carry out preliminary conceptual design; 3. Responsible for the technical control team to formulate the design strategy work results and industrial design task results of the vehicle's interior shape, color fabrics and components; 4. Responsible for technically controlling the modeling quality control of other professional teams involved in the development work of the interior modeling design department and the modeling countermeasures for various major technical issues encountered; 5. Responsible for building and improving the R&D system and quality management system of each team in the interior design department, leading the compilation of system documents such as procedures, specifications and operation guidance; 6. Responsible for technically training the team's professional ability development, work efficiency and skill improvement, responsible for leading relevant pilot projects, and refining the core design concepts of interior design, household color fabrics and components, and forming periodic updates. If you have any interests, please feel free to contact : Email: Hotline: 400-175-5857 Wechat id: hiredchina13 Whatsapp: +8618681484644 Linkedin:

Job Requirements

1. More than 20 years working experience in automobile styling design, working experience in overseas/international well-known OEMs is better; 2. Proficient in the industrial design and development process of vehicle interior modeling and components, with excellent creative design and forward-looking analysis capabilities; 3. Very familiar with vehicle interior modeling and component design constraints and manufacturing constraints, excellent design and constraint balance ability; 4. Excellent team development planning ability; 5. Excellent inter-professional communication and coordination skills; 6. Excellent team skill training and organization ability; 7. Good team management ability.

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Mechanical design and manufacturing


More than 10 years

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