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CSB Europe Marketing Management Chief Representative
Full-time70k - 80K RMB per monthGermany - Germany, France or neighboring countries
CSB (Zhejiang Changsheng Sliding Bearings Co., Ltd.)
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Job Responsibilities

1. Experienced Automotive application industrial marketing Project management and customer development. 2. Rich knowledge about self-lubricated bearing applications in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. 3. Preferred experiences of working as marketing and technical supporting positions in the global named self-lubricated bearing companies. 4. Five years or more senior management experiences in the similar industries. 5. Acceptable of procurement experiences in components OEM manufacturers of Automotive industry. 6. CSB Brand acknowledged and has the ambitions of accepting

Job Requirements

1. Marketing management of CSB Products in the European territory 2. Alignment the customer resources and distribute the customer resources to the suitable current distributors in Europe. 3. Supervising and following up the main marketing projects on European especially the Automotive industry. 4. Report to CSB China. Managing and coordinating relationship among of different CSB distributors in Europe. 5. Prepare to set up CSB Europe company in selected European countries and help to recruit the working team there. 6. Working Base: Soho for 1-2 years in Germany, France or countries and regions around. Move to the company site after CSB Europe will be set up. 7. Remuneration with the range of annual gross pay Euro 100K+ or to be discussed.

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Position type

Sales director


5~10 years

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