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English Teacher
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthZhaoqing, Guangzhou
Zhuoyue International Kindergarten,Huadu
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Job Responsibilities

1、8小时带班制(含英语教学、户外活动组织、主题成果展、幼儿一日生活保育); 1. 8-hour class system (including English teaching, outdoor activity organization, theme achievement exhibition, children's one-day life conservation); 2、定期参加教研活动和课程培训,提高学术水平和教学技能;共同制定学期计划并按计划执行,出色完成计划,使幼儿获得良好发展; 2. Regularly participate in teaching and research activities and course training to improve academic level and teaching skills; Make the semester plan together and execute it according to plan, finish the plan excellently, so that children can get good development; 3、严格遵守幼儿园各项管理制度;不随便离开工作岗位,不做私事;因学校特殊工作需要,需参与节假日临时工作; 3. Strictly abide by the management system of the kindergarten; Don't leave work at will, don't do personal things; Due to the school's special work needs, need to participate in the holiday temporary work; 4、主动并按时完成园长分配的其他工作。 4. Take the initiative to complete other tasks assigned by the principal on time.

Job Requirements

1、大学本科(或本科以上)学历毕业,英语为母语的教师,发音标准,有工作签证; 1.Bachelor degree (or above), native English speaking teacher, standard pronunciation, with work visa; 2、具备1年以上幼儿园英语教师相关工作经验,海外或国际学校工作背景优先; 2.At least 1 year working experience as a kindergarten English teacher, overseas or international school background is preferred; 3、具有很强的英文表达能力,上课有激情,生动活泼;知识面宽广,善于启发孩子进行探究; 3.Strong English expression ability, enthusiastic and lively in class; Broad scope of knowledge, good at inspiring children to explore; 4、坚持学习,不断提高理论素养和课业能力,教书育人,能善于通过教学反思改进教学过程,助力学生各方面能力的提升; 4.Persist in learning, constantly improve theoretical literacy and academic ability, teach and educate people, be good at improving the teaching process through teaching reflection, and help students improve their abilities in all aspects; 5、有团队合作和开拓创新精神,积极乐观,能接受学校的工作安排承担一定强度的工作压力,热爱教育事业,愿意在我校长期发展。 5. Have teamwork spirit and pioneering spirit, positive and optimistic, can accept the school's work arrangement and bear certain intensity of work pressure, love education, willing to develop in our school for a long time.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

English teacher


1~3 years

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