Quality Control Technician
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Job Responsibilities

As a Quality Control Technician , you will play a critical role in maintaining the quality and integrity of our production lines and product assurance. Your primary responsibility will be to inspect, test, and evaluate furniture items at various stages of production to ensure they meet established quality standards. This will also include improving and/or creating systems and protocols as needed towards quality assurance. Key Responsibilities: Quality Inspections: Perform comprehensive quality inspections on furniture components and finished products, both during production and pre-shipment, ensuring compliance with company standards. Defect Identification: Identify defects, irregularities, and deviations from quality standards in materials construction, finishes, and upholstery. Report any issues to the Quality Control Manager and the General Manager. Measurement and Testing: Conduct measurements and testing procedures to verify that products meet specifications, including dimensions, weight, and functionality. Documentation: Accurately document inspection results and maintain comprehensive records of quality assessments, providing clear and detailed reports. Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the production team, designers, and other relevant departments to resolve quality related issues and improve processes. Feedback and Training: Provide feedback to the production team regarding non conformances, and assist in training and guidance to improve production quality. Safety Compliance: Ensures all quality control processes adhere to safety guidelines and regulations.

Job Requirements

Proven experience in quality control or assurance within any manufacturing and production industry for export. Experience in furniture manufacturing would be a plus. Strong knowledge of product production processes (Experience in furniture production processes, materials and finishes would be optimal) Familiarity with quality control standards and best practices. Detail-oriented and capable of identifying defects and imperfections. Excellent communication skills in English with the ability to provide constructive feedback. (Candidates that possess HSK Mandarin Level Certificates 2, 3 or 4 would be optimal, but not required) Proficiency in using quality control tools and equipment. Solid problem-solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively with various teams in a multilingual environment. Knowledge of safety regulations and compliance. A dedication to maintaining and improving product quality.

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Quality Manager


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