(Thai) Channel Dev. Manager
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Job Responsibilities

(Thai) Channel Development Manager 1. Assist regional manager to plan and accomplish annual sales tasks; 2. Assist regional manager to complete sales payment collection and accounts receivable; 3. Assist regional manager to draw up and accomplish channel construction plan; 4. Organize and supervise the maintenance and construction of existing agents and order tracking performance. Manage and maintain customer relations. Enhance company reputation; 5. Assist regional managers to participate in large-scale exhibitions, and cooperate with general agents to participate in product release conferences, conduct business negotiations.Develop new customers, and enhance corporate recognition; 6. Complete other tasks assigned by regional manager; 7. Other works.

Job Requirements

Requirements: No limitation of majors, and marketing, medical, or biological related majors preferred Bachelor or higher degrees; Good communication skills; Proficient in English or Chinese, and have a good command of Thai

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Recruitment specialist


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