Clients Account Manager / PM.
Part-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthGuangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

The Project Manager owns, manages and monitors projects from initiation through delivery, ensures that projects are completed according to plan, remain on schedule and stay within budget. This person will serve as liaison between the company’s internal account team and client to help ensure that all client goals, targets and requirements are met. The Project Manager will be expected to perform the following functions across multiple clients: Define and set expectations of production and delivery of all key junctions in the supply chain. and ensure client needs and deadlines are met. Collaborate with the internal account team to provide insight into supply chain performance. Identify problems deley or set backs and introduce improvement to the internal account team that best match the needs of the client’s goals. Work closely with internal ChinaAgen5 teams to ensure successful and timely implementation of the supply chain management program. Utilize available reporting tools to create and review reports in an effort to monitor and report program performance as well as analyze trends. To be considered for this role, one should be able to demonstrate the ability to: Work in a fast paced environment Multi-task across assignments for multiple clients Keep detailed and organized documentation Take ownership and be accountable for assigned projects Effectively communicate and collaborate with the internal account team Guide cross-functional project teams and provide ongoing operational supervision to client programs. Knowledge of the Fashion landscape and international e-commerce platforms is a plus.

Job Requirements

English speaking a Must ! foreign passport a Must ! Chinese speaking preferred , not a Must, better pay grade for Chinese speaking and writing capabilities.

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Import and export trade


Unlimited experience

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