Coastal city English teachers in Hainan
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Hainan Silk Road United Talents service Company
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Job Responsibilities

Foreword:Hainan Silk Road United Foreign Talent Exchange Service Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hainan United Airlines Travel Group, its cope of business including Recruitment agents, work visas, foreign education manpower in the city dispatch, it focus on overseas recruitment,and then deliver talents from all over the world to Hainan. Our group has international airlines, international travel agencies, international trade, international cultural media, international human resources business. At present, it has more than 200 employees and overseas offices (southeast Asia, Macao, Germany). We are a young team full of vigor and vitality. We love each other, help each other and respect each other. We often have dinner together.Besides work, we are still good friends. If you join us, you can know more about the local life in Hainan, China, and feel the warmth of home in a foreign land. 1. Work in a kindergarten or English institution cooperated by our company, and teach students aged 3-6 2. Obey the management, observe discipline and law, abide by the school's rules and regulations, and complete the teaching work on time and in quantity 3. Designed demo courses with the teaching assistant and independently completed the course preparation 4. 130 hours per month, 6 hours per day, 2 schools, weekends off 5. You should hold a meeting with our company once a month to report your teaching work and what kind of help you need 6. No unexcused lateness or absence from work Benefits & Welfare: Basic salary: 10,000-14,000rmb monthly Transportation allowance: 1000RMB monthly Summer allowan: 200RMB monthly (June to September) Full attendance bonus: 200RMB monthly Overtime allowance: over 130 hours per month, 150 yuan per hour. Chinese traditional festival subsidy: 500RMB (Dragon boat festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival) Chinese legal holidays Accommodation: furnished, single room, you need to share living room and kitchen with another same-sex teacher Provide medical insurance Provide workers' compensation insurance Provide work visa Provide Chinese lession After completing the one-year contract, we'll provide 5000 RMB air allowance After completing the one-year contract, a round-trip ticket within the company's operating routes will be awarded Company annual travel, annual party together

Job Requirements

Qualifications & Requirements: 1. Native English speaker or near native English speaker (required) 2. Bachelor degree in education, psychology, philosophy, human resources, management is preferred 3. Female preferred, age 20-40 years old 4. Love teaching and children 5. Self-motivated and team player 6. Adapt to multiple teaching jobs (2 places at most) 7. Lively and cheerful, outgoing and generous, young at heart

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