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Job Responsibilities

1. Plan a program of editorial content that supports Company's objectives; 2. Conceive, draft and edit op-eds and other editorial content to a quality standard that enables unpaid placement in top-tier Western news media (e.g, The Financial Times) ; 3.Identify news hooks that increase odds of successful placement; 4. Work independently and with external PR agencies to place articles; 5.Respond to ad-hoc requests for editorial support; 6.Check the content of marketing tools and other materials.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, public relations, mass media, journalism, etc .; 2. Working experience in communication strategy formulation, media relationship development, brand and public relations activities planning, crisis public relations, public opinion monitoring and analysis, overseas social media operations, etc .; 3. Have strong innovative expectations and rapid learning adaptability; Have interpersonal understanding ability, and be able to quickly establish a good trust relationship with different organizations and individuals; 4. Excellent content planning ability, and be able to understand ICT technology in a simple way, disseminate topics, and transform key messages into a language suitable for media dissemination; 5. Proficient in any foreign language such as English, French, French, Russian, Arabic, etc., with priority in candidates with background in ICT, new technology product marketing and other related fields.

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Position type

Marketing / Advertising / PR



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