Russian translation
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthRussia - Moscow Region
Guangzhou Huajing machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1.To translate various documents, contracts, technical manuals, business letters, meeting minutes, and other materials from Chinese to Russian or vice versa, ensuring accuracy and fluency in the translated content. 2.To participate in interpretation tasks, such as business negotiations, conferences, visits, and other occasions, ensuring smooth communication and accurate transmission of information. 3.To assist in handling international affairs, including communication with foreign clients, document transfer, and issue resolution, providing language support. 4.To stay updated with industry trends and translation technologies, continuously improving translation skills and professional knowledge. 5.To adhere to confidentiality regulations, strictly keeping translated content confidential and ensuring information security.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree or above in Russian or related language studies, with solid language proficiency in both Russian and Chinese. Preference will be given to candidates who hold a national translation qualification certificate (level) for Russian interpretation or translation. To possess excellent professional ethics and teamwork spirit, able to handle a certain level of work pressure. To have a strong interest in translation work, demonstrating strong learning abilities and a high sense of responsibility. Preference will be given to candidates with relevant translation experience or overseas study/work experience.

Required Languages

Russian, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Administrative commissioner


1~3 years

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