International Sale Manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthFoShan
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Job Responsibilities

• 1. Be responsible for attain the sales target regularly under the leadership and guidance of superiors, and achieve the sales target. • 2. Responsible for finding foreign customer, opening up international markets through various channels such as network platforms, international exhibitions operation and spot agents investigation, conducting investigation and analysis of their own developed customers, maintaining overseas customers relationship, issuing and updating product information, handling customer inquiries, reaching sales, signing agents, tracking customer orders, etc. • 3. Deal with customer questions, and led to make orders; follow up the production process to meet the Quality Standard: be able to make a complete set of documents and related inspection certificates independently, and deal with the forwarder problemand safely deliver the goods to the warehouse. • 4. Responsible for international marketing and product sales support, collect and feedback international market information. • 5. Complete other tasks assigned by the company in time.

Job Requirements

• 1. Age under 33, bachelor’s degree or above, proficient in business English, especially fluent in speaking and writing. • 2. At least 2 years foreign trade experience in overseas sales and overseas projects; overseas sales experience in home building materials industry is preferred. • 3. Have a wide sales channel resource and strong market development ability. Candidate who has high quality customer resources are preferred. • 4. Familiar with Office software, Google and other search engine optimization is preferred. • 5. Enjoy working in foreign trade field, always keep openminded and highly-responsive, have strong communication skills and anti-pressure ability. • 6. Have strong learning and executive ability, able to adapt to short-term business trips abroad. • 7. Have strong ability of business development and good sense of teamwork, obey other matters arranged by superiors.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Import and export trade


3~5 years

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