Product Localization Manager ( American market)
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

1. The degree corresponds to a native English speaker with a domestic bachelor degree or above; 2. More than 3 years of relevant work experience in technology/Internet fields (such as user growth, marketing, operations, business, etc.); 3. Experience in cross-cultural teamwork, able to effectively drive and manage the team; 4. Strong work initiative and self-driving force, good at communication; 5. Experience in localization and optimization of multinational products. Contact:Victoria Liu Email address: Whatsapp/ Wechat: +86 19925288664

Job Requirements

1. In-depth office tool business projects, understand the characteristics of the localization market, fully understand the growth needs, formulate methods to measure and improve user acquisition, maintain and optimize product localization experience, and provide effective guidance for cooperative teams; 2. Smooth communication and close collaboration with product managers and R&D teams to promote product development; 3. Study the outstanding growth cases of different tool categories and markets around the world, and explore new growth directions based on internal practical experience;

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3~5 years

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