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Sales Manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthUnited Arab Emirates - Dubai
Hong Kong Yasha Bio-Technology Company Limited
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Job Responsibilities

1. Complete sales tasks according to quarterly and monthly sales targets issued by superiors. 2. Use social media, third-party platforms, exhibitions and other ways to complete monthly new customer development tasks. 3. Complete the tasks of Dubai customers'a visiting, exhibition arrangement, exhibition participation, exhibition withdrawal, customer reception, customer information registration and entry as assigned by superiors. 4. Be able to independently complete the order closed-loop transaction process from customer development, back adjustment (including but not limited to company strength assessment, sales channels), documents, order follow-up, transportation, customs declaration, order payment collection, etc. 5. Actively participate in the academic department training, departmental training and external training (if any), master the product, sales and other related knowledge and clinical academic application, and pass the foreign department academic assessment and departmental assessment. 6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements

1. Fluent in Spoken English and Arabic or Mandarin. 2. 1-3 years experience in foreign sales or skin care products sales.

Required Languages

Arabic, English

Job Details

Position type

Other sales positions


1~3 years

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