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Foreign Trade Salesmen
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Job Responsibilities

1. Looking for and developing new customers: Foreign trade salesmen need to actively look for potential foreign customers, promote the company's products and services through various channels such as exhibitions, online marketing, telephone consultation, etc., and seek order opportunities. 2. Order management and negotiation: When the order is confirmed, the salesperson needs to work closely with the relevant departments to ensure the smooth execution of the order. At the same time, they need to negotiate with foreign customers to deal with key issues such as price, delivery time and payment conditions, so as to reach an agreement satisfactory to both sides. 3. Customer service and after-sales service: Foreign trade salesmen not only need to pay attention to the execution process of orders, but also need to provide timely service and help to customers after product delivery to solve possible problems and improve customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements

I. Professional skills requirements 1. Language ability: Foreign language communication ability is the basic requirement of foreign trade salesmen. Proficient in the language of the target market helps to better understand customer needs and improve communication efficiency. 2. International trade knowledge: Understanding the basic knowledge of international trade rules, customs procedures, payment methods, etc. is conducive to better dealing with various problems in foreign trade operations. 3. Product knowledge: Familiarize yourself with the product characteristics, advantages and competitive environment you are responsible for, so that you can provide accurate information when communicating with customers. 4. Negotiation skills: Have good negotiation skills, be able to identify and grasp customer needs, and make persuasive suggestions to achieve business goals. 5. Data analysis ability: Data analysis of market trends, competitors and customer feedback helps to formulate more targeted marketing strategies.

Required Languages

English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish

Job Details

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Unlimited experience

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