Business development representative(Based in US)
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Job Responsibilities

Qualification:  High school or above. College degree will be preferred.  Age between 22-28 will be preferred.  At least one year of working experience in or related to V-shop.  Good communication skills.  Driver’s license needed.  Residing in and familiar with responsible areas.  Willing to work hard and travel frequently. Responsibilities and Duties:  To make a proper schedule and align with HQ to visit V-shops in responsible areas.  To collect information of V-shops in ways HQ required, eg. pictures and contact info etc.  To collect information about market competition while visiting shops.  To introduce and sell new products to V-shops. (direct them to purchase from local distributors)  To improve the partnerships between the brand and the distributors in responsible areas.  To regularly report to HQ with data and information required. Email address: Whatsapp: +86 19925288664

Job Requirements

Reports To:the shop inspector will report to the director of partnership development in Shenzhen. Areas: Texas, US First one to be based in Houston, Texas and the second one to be based in Dallas, Texas.

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1~3 years

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