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Job Responsibilities

Duty Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for organize and share cultural information of products launched in English culture areas and major English-speaking markets, and providing consumer analysis and insight reports; 2. Cooperate with the team to sort out relevant marketing plans and provide professional advice on localization of marketing concepts; 3. Responsible for marketing and brand-related copywriting; 4. Handle the final cultural control of the products produced by the marketing planning team; 5. Regularly conduct cultural popularization and sharing activities for team members according to English culture and consumer habits in English-speaking regions

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1. Native English speakers with some working Chinese communication skills are preferred, and have a relatively deep understanding and research of the history, geography, literature and other knowledge of the English culture; 2. Active and logical thinking, strong writing ability in English, able to accurately grasp the needs and pain points of overseas players, explore appropriate insights, combine with marketing concepts, and produce corresponding conclusions; 3. Deep Internet users, skilled in using Internet tools to find information to be collected; 4. Love the game industry, have some exposure to marketing or advertising work and are willing to try the work, and are willing to contact and research consumer groups; 5. Team player, practical, dedicated, responsible and enterprising; 6, Because we are an international team, looking for someone who have deep interest in overseas culture, foreigners or overseas working and living experience is preferred;

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Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


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