Localization Linguist Specialist
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Job Responsibilities

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. 1. Assist in writing and editing picture books, video scripts, and other learning materials to provide top-quality learning content for Chinese learners and their parents. 2. Assist in checking storyboards for language, flow, logic, formatting, and more. 3. Assist in proofreading to provide the most child-friendly learning materials for Chinese students. 4. Create content, games, songs, flashcards, and fun activities for 3-8 year-old Chinese learners. 5. Assist in the development of curriculum scope and sequence.

Job Requirements

1. Native English speaker, preferably from North America. 2. Passionate and hard-working with good communication skills. 3. Excellent spoken and written English language ability. 4. China-based experience in teaching ESL students ages 3-8, and/or in the ESL curriculum development field. 5. Bachelor’s degree in ESL; or equivalent combination of education and relevant experience. 6. Knowledge of subject matter, pedagogy, and curriculum design, preferably in online education. 7. Ability to simultaneously meet deadlines while handling multiple tasks and assignments. 8. Strong verbal and written communication skills. 9. Strong interpersonal, leadership, and motivational skills. 10. Ability to maintain educational principles while satisfying customers.

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