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Game streamer(tiktok)
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthHangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

In the early stage, he was mainly responsible for the handcasting of card games, and there was no need to show his face, and he had high requirements for spoken English (fluency + expressiveness/appeal); The live broadcast is a group of 2 people in each round, divided into main and secondary perspectives; In the early stage, the live broadcast is interrupted for about five hours a day, and the live broadcast is fixed for four hours in the later stage

Job Requirements

1: English technical college or international student degree is preferred, CET-6 or above, fluent in oral expression, expressive voice; 2: Have the experience of live broadcast of TK account 0-1, and be familiar with conventional live broadcast skills; 3. Cheerful personality, good at expression, strong adaptability, able to interact with the audience in a timely manner; 4. Actively participate in live broadcast and cooperate with the company's operation to optimize the live broadcast content; 5. Love the game industry and new media career, have a proactive work attitude, and have good professionalism and professional ethics;

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