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Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthHunan
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description plan a program that helps each student achieve learning objectives and curriculum goals prepare lesson materials and resources upload teaching plans and supporting resources as indicated by line supervisor to appropriate school platform select and use instructional methods and materials appropriate to the students and learning activities utilize games, music, books, art, technology and other resources to teach basic skills and foster student development adapt standard teaching methods to meet different student needs and interests create a positive and appropriate classroom environment that is conducive to learning develop and implement a suitable classroom management system. establish and effect rules for acceptable behavior apply and follow up on approved disciplinary interventions make referrals for assistance where necessary instruct children on personal hygiene practices and self-care encourage cooperative social behavior through games and activities observe, evaluate and record children's social and academic progress provide constructive feedback to parents, guardians and administration prepare written reports plan and order classroom equipment and supplies ensure equipment and facilities are clean and safe collaborate with other staff members to promote the general health of the school perform required administrative duties including attending staff meetings uphold the school code of conduct and all school policies, rules and procedures in a supportive and positive manner attend, support and engage in staff curriculum development

Job Requirements

Candidates must Bachelor degree or above (Major in Education preferred) More than 2 years relevant teaching experience Excellent communication skills Play-based education experience Experience in Kindergarten Enjoy interacting with young children Experience teaching foreign children English

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Job Details

Position type

English teacher


1~3 years

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