English Teacher needed in Jining Shandong
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Shandong Polytechnic College
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Teaching English as a Second Language for college students At least one year contract Two days off per week Shandong Polytechnic College has made significantly development in international education. The college has two branches school in Australia and Thailand. The college is also Vice Chairman of China Vocational Education Association for Foreign Cooperation, Shandong Education Department International Education training base, and Australia Price water house Coopers International Talent Training Base. In 2018 the college was awarded "Top 50 international influence institutions in higher vocational colleges" , and Top 50 Asia Pacific Vocational Colleges".Shandong Polytechnic College has established deep cooperative relations with 65 universities and research institutes in Australia, Germany, the United States, the ited Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The college has 5 international cooperation programs. The program has more than 1,500 students. Also, the college hold diversity cultural activities included two times Confucius and Mencius Culture Festival. The event attracted more than 200 academic leaders and international students from 38 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.


Native English speakers ONLY Bachelor degree and above Two year full-time English teaching experience TEFL/TESOL Certificate is preferred

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English Teaching


Senior Executive

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