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Kindergarten Teacher Sias International Kindergarten -----QingYu Campus & One-world Campus Employment Type: Full-time, Age: 22 - 60 Employer: Sias International Kindergarten Location: Qingyu Campus: Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, China One-world Campus: Xinxiang city, Henan Province, China Job Description We are currently looking for qualified Kindergarten Teachers throughout the year. 1. Providing teaching environment of English listening and speaking. 2. Daily communication within the class—teaching/activities. 3. Participate in creating and conducting classes with different themes. 4. Work with English teaching assistants to make everything in order. 5. The formulation of English project files. 6. Participate in and contribute to weekly class meetings& weekly/monthly teaching and research conferences. Salary/M Before Tax:: 14,000 to 20,000 RMB: 1\Depends upon Skills, Experience and Teaching certificate for early childhood education 2\incentive compensation system. Salary payment method/Time Around 10th Every Month. Overtime pay/Hour 100 RMB/Hour Period/week 40 hours: includes Teaching and Office working Hours Notes: the regular meeting is not included in the total weekly time Airfare Statements Employer provides Return Ticket Once a Year Medical/Insurance Employer pays. Apartment Apartment with private bedroom, Kitchen, Air Conditioning/ Heating, Bathroom, Furniture, hot Water, Washing and dryer Machine, Refrigerator. Statements Others Employer provides apartment for free. Not Include Water, Electricity, Natural gas some other Utilities Very high discount of tuition for kids to attend the kindergarten. If you are interested in this job, please send us the following documents: 1. CV/resume 2. Degree 3. Passport copy 4. Recommendation letter Brief Introduction of Sias International Kindergarten Sias Kindergarten adheres to the educational philosophy of “East Meets West”. It is committed to cultivating the future world leaders. Sias International Kindergarten focuses on children's psychological construction, emotional development, physical literacy, social awareness, cognitive path and speculation, leadership, interpersonal communication, teamwork, artistic aesthetics and other aspects to cultivate children in all-round development. All courses are independently developed by Sias Education Group and taught by professional Chinese and foreign teachers. Sias International Kindergarten follows the concept of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, a globally recognized preschool education authority: Early childhood institutions should meet all young children and adults (including parents and staff involved in the early childhood education process). And the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of managers, promote the development of all members, provide a supportive environment for young children, and make young children a healthy, intelligent, and contributing member of society; NAEYC members accept the guidance and assessment of their evaluation criteria. We also received the full-time certification training of HIGH SCOPE in the United States, following the "high-vision" teaching philosophy and strategy in the aspects of child routine, teaching environment, teaching materials, curriculum evaluation and teacher role transformation. With the service, the teacher completes the transformation of the self-supporting environmental elements and truly realizes the teaching and learning.


Requirements 1. Native English speakers or people who attend university in English-speaking countries. 2. Bachelor degree. 3. 2+ years of English teaching experience or having the Tesol/Tefl certificate. 4. Recommendation letter preferably from previous employer. Personal qualifications: 1. Excellent communication, problem solving skills, and the ability to maintain composure under stressful situations. 2. Passion for teaching and experiencing different cultures. 3. Strong organizational skills, multi-tasking skills, time-management skills. 4. Highly professional and dependable. 5. Be able to interact with students of all ages and skill levels.

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