English translation and Operations
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Job Responsibilities

Skill requirements: Proficiency in Englishi Job responsibilities: 1. Be responsible for the content operation of novel APP, control the quality of book content, provide ideas and suggestions for content construction and recommendation, and follow-up implementation; 2. Coordinating all departments to follow up the work of content on the shelves, improving the basic information of books and improving the efficiency of key books operation; 3. Complete the planning and landing of the content module of the novel channel, plan marketing activities according to hot spots, and implement and monitor the effect of landing. 4. Be able to perform detailed operations, conduct data analysis regularly, and utilize the potential value of data mining content; 5. Be responsible for updating and promoting the content of the novel, arranging and optimizing the relevant content recommendation rules in time.

Job Requirements

1. Good Englishi proficiency. Graduates of foreign language majors or those with the same proficiency 2. Have a strong interest in online literature, understand the development trend of industry content, have a wealth of novel content reading, can quickly identify the selling points of works; 3. Familiar with the form of mobile Internet communication, innovative ability and ideas on content presentation, familiar with the means of new media operation, and have the ability to plan online activities; 4. Data awareness, strong copywriting ability, keen analytical ability, good cross-sectoral communication and coordination ability; 5. Responsible, clear logic, rigorous and meticulous work, willing to accept new things, self-driving.

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