Excellent Downtown kindergarten homeroom teachers wanted
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthShangHai
Shanghai Bowai Education company
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Job Responsibilities

1.SH//O//Excellent Downtown kindergarten jobs starting July/August /Sept//Kindergartens//Shanghai (23K-27KRMB after tax per month). Fresh graduates with all the documents are accepted; Campuses: (1) Pudong Campus 1 Close to Yuanshen Sport Stadium of Metro line 6 or Century Avenue Subway Station of Metro Line 2/4/6/9; (2) Pudong Campus 2: close to Exit 5 of Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park Metro line 2; (3) Xuhui Campus 1: Close to Shanghai South Railway Station of Line 3 and 1. (4) Xuhui Campus 2: Close to Longhua Station of Line 11 or Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station Positions: (1) many homeroom positions (2) 5 substitute teaching jobs (A substitute teacher has less duties and helps a homeroom teacher with teaching, so the pay will be around 19-20kRMB after tax. Description: 1. Age of students: kindergarten 2-6 years old 2. Working hours: Monday to Friday 8-5pm We work from Monday to Friday from 8.00am until 5pm with a lunch break from 12 until 1pm and preparation time from 1 until 2.00pm (while the children are sleeping). We teach half the kids an English class in the morning while one of the Chinese teachers teaches the other half Chinese, and in the afternoon we swap. The class will last from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the age group. On top of this we give the children a phonics class (about 20=30 minutes each day). We are in the class with the kids playing with them, doing sports etc. Part of our role here is to give ESL lessons, but we are kindergarten and we spend the whole day with the same class. Teachers are given an outline of the topics we teach and teachers will be given the teaching material for the class. In each class there are 2 Chinese teachers, an English teacher and a child care assistant. We have 20-25kids in a class depending on the age group. Contract length: 1-3 years Salary and Benefits: 1. Salary: 27000-35000 RMB after tax for the first year's contract, depending on qualification and demo lesson (can be higher depending on experience and demo) For substitute teaching jobs, the pay is around 19-20k after tax; 2. Bonus: 500 airfare and 400medical per month (paid at the end of the contract paid upon completion of the contract); 3. Vacation: 11 Chinese National holidays +20 paid holidays per one-year contract; 4. VISA provided (Foreign expert certificate) (valid legal Chinese work visa-all costs paid by the school; 5. Meals: School lunch provided; 6. International medical care is provided for you. The value is about Rmb20,000 per year;

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree or above (need to have the notarization and authentication of the degree ) 1-2 years' experience needed (Kindergarten experience a plus) 120 hour TEFL/TESOL (need to have the notarization and authentication of the degree ) ; Between ages of 24 – 45; Native English speaker & citizen of USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, , Australia or New Zealand , South African only

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Teacher/English teacher


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