Executive Assistant (Program Management)
全职2万 - 2.5万RMB/月上海
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Job Responsibility 1.Coordinating and defining the executive or executive-specific business tasks with the customer in the form of defined descriptions 2.Agreeing on objectives regarding quality, costs and deadlines with the client using existing procedures and methods in consultation with the responsible or superior departments. 3.Planning internal and external capacities and participating in the naming of team members, taking into account individual potentials and competencies; defining and assigning work packages and planning project deadlines using the documented framework procedures. 4.Definition, planning, coordination and monitoring of tasks within a project team using specified methods and systems; inclusion of internal and, where applicable, external services, taking into account economic, qualitative and scheduling aspects. 5.Recording of the status of the business tasks to be supervised, taking into account continuous preparation and interpretation of internal and external information; in the event of deviations or changes to the targets, deciding on appropriate measures, if necessary, in consultation with the superior 6. Participation in or implementation of defined escalation scenarios in the event of deviations from objectives; identification of existing solution alternatives in coordination with the organizational units concerned 7.Carrying out the controlling of the management or executive management-specific business tasks to be supervised in the form of reviews (final and interim reports) with the responsible line manager(s) on the basis of agreed objectives. 8.Contributing to the further development and optimization as well as the application of new technologies for the field of activity


Requirements 1.University degree 2.Excellent language skills in English, German is a plus 3.International candidate with knowledge about German culture 4.Strong project management skills and business analysis skills 5.Good teamwork and coordination skills 6.1-3 years relative experience in Marketing/PUrchasing/Controlling or program Management


德语, 英语