e-Commerce Lecturers (Google/FB Ads, SEO, SNS, Content, email -marketing, other related)
Shanghai Huazong Enterprise Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

We are looking for confident lecturers to give training classes about e-Commerce related topics. For example, you can prepare a 1-3 hours presentation/workshop about Google Ads - how to use, optimize, tips, and generally how to get the most out of Google Ads campaigns. All Lecture topics related to e-Commerce are considered. The main focus is on but not limited to these topics: - Google Ads (Search, Display, Youtube) - SEO - Facebook / Instagram Ads - Social media marketing in general (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, LinkedIn) - Shopify - Content Marketing, Email marketing - Affiliate/KOL/Influencer marketing - eCommerce market entry, new product promotion. - Planning digital marketing campaigns and successful execution. - Ad Copy / Creative training: What kind of ads work and how to create them. These workshops can be organized during normal working hours or in your spare time, usually on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. This is an excellent opportunity for eCommerce professionals who'd like to have a part-time/freelancing side job in Shanghai. The normal case is you plan a 2 hours presentation on the topic and have 1-hour discussions and questions in the end. These sessions are organized at our office in Shanghai or clients’ offices in Shanghai / around Shanghai on aforementioned hours.

Job Requirements

- Have a high level of expertise in your topic/field. - Be able to teach and lecture in a clear and understandable way - Confident presentation - Presentations are held in mainly in English. Mandarin skills are a bonus. In your application tell us: 1. What topics and what level of training level you would like to give presentations on: Eg. "Introduction to Google Ads","Facebook Ads - Sales funnel optimization", etc. 2. How much and what kind of experience do you have on that topic. 3. Where are you located now and what times are you available. If anyone is interested, please send me your resume to my email: shanghaihuazong@gmail.com Thank you!

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