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Euro Channel Sales-Poland/France (Power Tools)
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthPoland
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Job Responsibilities 1. Formation of market research reports of the market environment, local competitors, local customer purchasing behavior, new product feedback. 2. Participate in the discussion of the company's marketing and promotion plans, implement and real-time feedback on the effect of promotion. 3. Develop local sales channels, establish and maintain customer relations, and solve customer needs. 4. Collection of enduser demand information and analyze, form into a written report.

Job Requirements

1. Prefer 2~5 years experience in hardware tools sales / sales channel development, able to independently develop agents. 2. Strong ability of sales channel development, independently conduct customer appointments, visits, and other sales activities. Maintaining key customers relationship. 3. Good logical thinking ability, patient, efficient, out~going, strong sense of team work. 4. Tertiary education or Diploma Holder, good command of written / spoken English

Required Languages

French, Polish, English

Job Details

Position type



3~5 years

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