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Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthUnited States - Boston
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Job Responsibilities

(This role entails providing professional services to our clients, coordinating with local partners, conducting business negotiations, and actively driving project progression.) [Responsibilities] (1)Spearhead the management of the Boston customer service center, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional service quality; (2)Cultivate and maintain robust relationships with local project stakeholders, partners, and financial institutions in the United States to facilitate smooth project execution; (3)Coordinate and facilitate visits for company's clients, providing comprehensive support to ensure a seamless transition and settlement process; (4)Conduct regular market research and analysis local market dynamics, compiling insightful market reports and providing actionable recommendations to supervisor.

Job Requirements

(1)Possess a Bachelor's degree or higher, with proficiency in both Mandarin and English communication. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience studying or working in the United States; (2)Demonstrate strong proficiency in coordination and project management, with the ability to adapt to business travel requirements within North America and surrounding countries; (3)Exhibit advanced skills in business negotiation to effectively navigate diverse corporate landscapes; (4)Hold a valid international driver’s license to facilitate mobility and support operational needs across international borders.

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Job Details

Position type

Business manager


5~10 years

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