Foreign Language Teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShangHai
Hongwen Montessori Academy
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Job description

1. Follow the Montessori lead teacher to manage the class daily. 2. Under lead teacher’s direction, set up and maintain Montessori environment. 3. Guarantee all supplies of materials that class needs, and protect class property together and be responsible for the material storage, and help fix broken ones if needed. Responsible for management of class property with the other teachers in your classroom. 4. Able to deal with emergencies, and accidents/incidents timely with your lead teacher. 5. Responsible for all kinds of safety work of class with your lead teacher. 6. Under academic director’s guidance, finish English lesson planning, English lesson teaching, and evaluate children’s English level. 7. Follow lead teacher’s arrangement to help prepare lunch or snacks, indoor and outdoor activities, etc. 8. Participate in trainings and other related assignments. 9. Accomplish daily teaching records. 10. Highly cooperate to do enrollment activities, parent workshops, and other related events in and out of school. 11. Develop and share English teaching lesson plans. 12. Keep in touch with parents properly, and follow rules of school to communicate with parents about children’s English learning. 13. Follow school’s regulations and dress code.


Bachelor degree with two years solid English teaching experience to young children; TEFL or Tesol certificate is a plus; Team player

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English Teaching



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