Foreign Teacher of International Department
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for teaching ESL courses in primary 3 and above and junior high school, make good teaching plan according to requirements, and complete the teaching work on time with quality and quantity; 2. Correct students' homework in time after class, feedback right and wrong in time, and guide students' learning methods; To coach students in and out of school English competitions; 3. Take an active part in the school's teaching and research activities, the school's excellence training activities, and the development and revision of English school-based textbooks; 4. Assist our school in oral English training and English teaching communication; 5. Actively participate in campus activities, and cooperate with publicity and enrollment.

Job Requirements

• Native speaker • Minimum Bachelor degree with at least 1 year related teaching experience, preferably 2 • Holding foreigner work permit, work residence certificate and relevant foreign teacher qualification (domestic and foreign teacher qualification certificate or Tefl, Tesol, Tesl, CELTA, TKT and other international teaching qualification certificate) is preferred; • Have a high sense of responsibility for work, love students, healthy, can adhere to the normal work. • A proven team-player who can work effectively with people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. • Excellent communication skills. • Abide by relevant Chinese laws and regulations and customs, obey school management and arrangement, and have no criminal record.

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English teacher


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