Game Localization Management (English)
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Job description

1. Responsible for the localization of mobile game products overseas, including language translation, commercialization planning, operation activity planning, local player needs mining, etc .; 2. Assist customer service team to deal with problems, timely give feedback and follow up until solve the problems on product; 3. Pay attention to player dynamics, analyze player behavior through data, and do a good job of player maintenance; 4. Do two-way translation of foreign languages and Chinese according to operational needs, and communicate and exchange with international partners if necessary; 5. For global markets, cooperate with marketing and product managers to propose localization ideas such as marketing advertisements and copywriting; 6. Collect data and information on global markets and conduct user surveys in related markets;


1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent English and Chinese are preferred 2. Have a lot of gaming experience, including mainstream mobile games and various platform games; 3. Familiar with the game player community and game player culture, and have a certain understanding of user psychology; 4. Excellent social and communication skills, and able to adapt to strong work pressure; 5. Possess good teamwork spirit, positive working attitude, and strong sense of responsibility, serious and self-motivated.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Translation / Proofreading


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