Game Localizer(US/CAN/UK/Australia/NZ-EN1stLang)
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Job Responsibilities

1.English native speaker, preferably one who can speak and write Chinese. 2.Bachelor or above degree. 3.1 year and more work experience in game translation, or other gaming related industry preferred. 4.Familiar with the local culture of your home market, and capable of creative writing, art design, and game mechanics and design. 5.Game lover or serious gamer (console, pc, and/or mobile games) preferred. 6.Team player, able to work effectively with people from different countries.

Job Requirements

1.Be familiar with gameplay and language styles of a variety of games. 2.Meet deadlines with high quality work. 3.Be familiar with competitor games of all projects 4.Assist with localization designs, including but not limited to event packaging, character design, world building, IP stories, etc, and able to keep pace with the developer and operation teams to complete tasks and lend expertise. 5.Complete all assigned proofreading tasks and other work, and able to ensure the quality of these tasks.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Translation / Proofreading


Mid-Senior level

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