Import Food Purchasing
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Job Responsibility: 1. National Import suppliers follow-up (Import fair, Wine fair..) – ordering, display… 2. National suppliers local activities/DM organization 3. Local import suppliers negotiation 4. Import coordination -typologies set up… 5. Detention rate follow-up 6. Price maintain and margin follow, DM selling price setting (suggested PSP by national) 7. Sales data analysis and check 8. Store promoters management and free tasting activity arrangement 9. Coordinate with HO and suppliers if any AIC check or customers claims


1. 21 to 30 years old 2. Expatriate is required, better from European countries, can speak basic Chinese is preferred. 3. Bachelor degree above, major in Economic ,Foreign Trade, Import & Export Trade etc. 4 .Willing to work with Chinese team, and like Chinese culture. 5 .Can accept business travel. - Fulltime & intern is OK

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Retail / Wholesales


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