South American/ UK International Trade Assistant -Part Time Position
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Job Responsibilities

1, Find appropriate domestic factories based on foreign customer orders, negotiate agreements, and make bookings. 2, Develop and maintain overseas customers and track sales targets. 3, Maintain and improve relationships with foreign customers, including daily mails and telephone communications. 4, Realize business plans and organize tasks. 5, Complete foreign customer orders. 6, Handle customer complaints and suggestions. 7, Show loyalty to the company.

Job Requirements

1,Ensure effective implementation of the plan. 2,Deliver to line calendar milestones。 3,Proficient in MS Excel , Word and Power Point 4,Communication: Manages and resolves conflict. Negotiates tense situations successfully. 5,Results orientation: Achievement motivated. Thinks in terms of progress toward goals. Feels pressure to achieve timely results. 6,Organization awareness: Perceptive. Maintains a level of flexibility under changing circumstances. 7,Strategic and analytical skills: Thinks logically, systematically and rationally. 8,Others: Strong empathy for Jeanswear. Confident. Outgoing. Well organized. Ability to work in a multicultural environment. Team player. “We've opened a new U.S. company(Currently registered in Boston)and plan to open a local office, and if possible, we'll consider renting this office and expanding the local sales team promptly, for company and customer development. Our products including: Medical devices and disposable medical supplies; Textile & Garment; Food." Contact: Please feel free to send your CV to WeChat: hiredchina7

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