International sales
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Shanghai Chiswear Industry Co.,Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Using the company platform and network tools for customer information search; 2. Use various chat tools to communicate with customers and make contacts, 3. Telephone communication with the other party based on the country time of the other party and inquiries; 4. Cooperate with business executives to arrange and archive data and other related matters

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. College degree or above 2. Unlimited professions, unlimited language, unlimited region, unlimited experience, unlimited age, 3. English level 4 or above, dare to communicate with strange customers, and have the spirit of persistence and study What we need is: you have passion, goals and team spirit The biggest feature of our oath is that we will build you into an excellent foreign trade expert according to your personality. 7 core advantages of the company: 1. Product advantages: It has a wide range of uses, rich customer resources, obvious price advantages, and customers can quickly turn orders, which are consumables. The rich product line is conducive to development. 2. Factory advantages: Supported by a number of state-owned cooperative factories, product prices have advantages, stable quality, and timely delivery. 3. Excellent sales channels: Online advantages: Rich sales operation experience mainly based on ALIBABA B2B platform; excellent official marketing website; data analysis system for domestic and foreign customers and competitors; complete CRM customer management system; offline advantages: regular Expansion of domestic and foreign exhibitions, and customer experience abroad. Accumulated a lot of potential customer resources and information data for the team to follow up. 4. Perfect training channels: 1) Entering the company, there will be perfect platform operation knowledge and perfect training process system; there will be excellent operation managers to lead you to quickly integrate into the collective and master the work process; the company will regularly improve and train operating skills and methods; the company does not Ali professionals will be regularly instructed and assisted by the company's operating platform. 2) The company will have perfect product knowledge, system business development system, processes, methods and team management courses to train you. Existing various online marketing methods (development letter, follow-up inquiry, customer maintenance, exhibition marketing) , Social media Facebook, Linkedin, Whatapp, etc. will conduct a series of training; 3) There will be excellent business managers to guide you in business follow-up and website operations. 4) The company is a member of the Shanghai Foreign Trade Association. It regularly conducts business sharing, communication, expansion, PK and other activities with other foreign trade companies to continuously improve its own level of work and management and broaden its horizons to work with better people. 5. Good promotion channels: Business Assistant-Business Consultant-Business Supervisor-Business Manager-Business Director-Company Partner (Complete incentive model of basic salary + commission) 6. The company regularly conducts expansion, tourism and performance competitions. The team atmosphere is very harmonious, helping each other and teamwork is our tradition. 7. The company provides a comprehensive welfare mechanism, with strict payment of social security and provident funds, eliminating the worries of employees.

Required Languages

Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Russian, English

Job Details

Position type

Import and export trade


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