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Job Responsibilities

1) Based on india market, to develop markets surrounding india. Mainly focus on Northern area, Western area and Southern area of india. 2) Respond to both ELVA headquarter about your work progress and follow-up project on dayly and weekly basis. 3) To monitor competitors, market conditions and product collection from market, products price and checking competitor selling price. 4) To prepare, plan and conduct market activities 5) Source and develop client referrals. Analize customers situation and report China headquarter. 6) To maintain good client relationship and enhance their satisfactions to our products and services

Job Requirements

1, professional ability: professional communication skills, customer development, negotiation, after-sales service, ability to solve, learning ability 2. professional ability: communication and influence, ability to solve, synergy, learning ability 3, personality characteristics: essential, diligence, persistence, resistance, open optimism, proactive degree or above, English proficiency, more than three years sales experience, age 23-30 years old 5. Those who have many years of experience in the industry, who have experience in e-commerce sales are preferred;

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Marketing / Advertising / PR


Mid-Senior level

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