Overseas Sales
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenZhen
Dunyun Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

1. sales target: according to the company's sales strategy and target, cooperate with overseas marketing plan, establish and follow up effective sales leads and translate into sales performance to ensure the achievement of sales target; 2. sales clues: actively expand the Facebook friends group and transform into customers, related Facebook groups, YouTube network celebrities) to establish contact, promote the company's products and transform into sales orders; 3. business expansion: actively expand high-quality overseas e-commerce forums, blogs, communication communities and other online marketing channels, promote the company SaaS solutions and develop more potential customers; 4. customer growth: responsible for activating potential customers and maintaining customer relationships, follow up customer inquiries, integrate customer needs, cooperate with purchasing department to develop products and design logistics solutions, and guide customers to use company solutions.

Job Requirements

1. full-time college degree or above, English, e-commerce, marketing and other related majors are preferred; 2.At least 2 years experience in foreign trade e-commerce market development and software sales, knowledge of cross-border e-commerce industry, as well as mainstream e-commerce market b2b business, network sales platform related knowledge; 3. familiar with the operating rules of major social platforms (Facebook,Twitter,YouTube) overseas, social products are preferred for heavy users; 4. Fluent in English/Spanish/German and Chinese, listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to communicate with foreign customers and face-to-face communication. 5. familiar with the Internet, skilled use of network communication tools and various office software; 6. initiative, strong pioneer spirit, excellent business communication and negotiation skills, good pressure resistance.

Required Languages

Chinese, German, Spanish

Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing


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