Pre-sales engineer (Korean)
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShangHai, Overseas
Fansoft Software Co., Ltd
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Job description

1. Responsible for overseas pre-sales consulting work, including pre-sales customer visit/project research/communication with senior management of customers/project preparation (PPT Word)/ preparation of bidding documents/program explanation/bid presentation/project budget estimation, etc.; 2. Participated in all the work of the pre-sales team, including industry plan sorting and summary/industry characteristics analysis and sharing/issuing various specific plans/relevant pre-sales training, etc.; 3. Responsible for project research, including system architecture overall design/demand analysis/business process optimization/scheme design/system test and launch, as well as related report writing; 4- participate in team building in South Korea.


1.graduated from a key university, major in science and engineering; 2.proficient in Korean, experience in Korean exchange/study abroad is preferred; 3. accept permanent residence in Korea; 4.strong team communication and coordination skills/ability to organize and plan implementation; 5.good professionalism, strong sense of responsibility and pioneering spirit; 6.identify with company culture and values.

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Sales/ Biz Development / Account Management


Senior Executive

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