Primary school homeroom teachers for APS
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthBeiJing
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Job Responsibilities

Two homeroom teachers for APS 1. In good health, no criminal record, age 25-58 2. Bachelor degree, or above 3. At least 1 year homeroom teaching-related working experience 4. With teaching certificate or one of the certificates below: TEFL, TESL, TESOL, , CELTA (120hours) 5. From the country that English as native tongue 1. Can manage the whole class properly and also be able to teach a range of subjects including: English, Math, Science, Social Studies etc 2. Liaise with Chinese staff 3. Must be punctual, have good time management skills 4. Have good manners and be able to work in a professional manner 5. Have experience with curriculum development and be adaptable. 6. Willingness to grow and learn more about the profession. 7. Be able to design bulletin boards and classroom layouts.

Job Requirements

1. Working time: 7:30-17:00 (class teaching time no more than 25 periods. 40 minutes per period) 2. 25k-30k RMB before tax per month. Salary can be negotiable. 3. Medical insurance (first year teacher will take half of the insurance fee, from the second year and on school will take all the insurance fee, all tax will be afforded by teacher) 4. Private dormitory (2500 RMB before tax per month for housing allowance if you don’t live in school) 5. Ticket reimbursement (one-way ticket reimbursement for the first year and from the second year we will give you a round-trip. Should be economy class from your passport hometown to Beijing or the way back) 6. Free coffee , snickers for every month. 7. Free meals( breakfast and lunch) 8. Paid summer holiday and winter holiday if you join in the summer camp and winter camp. (5-7 days before the holiday) If you do not join in the camp, we will offer you 3000 RMB travel allowance for winter holiday and if you renew the contract, we will offer you 5000 RMB for summer holiday. Time to start working end of January in 2021

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