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Project Manager
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthShenzhen
Antal International
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Job Responsibilities

1. Lifecycle Management - Analyses current operations and proposes funded improvement initiatives - Maximizes profitability (at product number level) - Executes on yearly sales and profitability targets - Reaches customer and company goals - Stays within company guidelines and directives - Coordinates with Account Manager on planning and budgeting - Hands over new projects from the NPI team onto MP 2. External - Customer Relationship Management (operational) - Identifies decision making/influencers’ network - Coordinates on open issues and resolution - Coordinates on planning together with Account Manager - Reviews customer satisfaction on a periodic basis - Sets and oversees periodic customer meetings and reporting - Travels as needed 3. Internal – Stakeholders and team management - Reports monthly actual and forecast key indicators and recovery/mitigation plan - Reviews team’s workload and allocation - Reviews team’s performance and readies development plans 4. Risk Management - Prevents delivery and quality issues from happing by observing trends and being present on the line with the cross functional team - Manages and implements change requests (internal and external) considering cost and liability impacts 5. Special Projects - Whenever required, the Program Manager might be asked to manage short to medium term special projects, such as transfer of production from different manufacturing sites, coordination of value-added activities, such as sourcing new components and other similar projects to sustain products’ growth plans

Job Requirements

1. Education and experience - BS degree in Engineering or Operations - Proven track record of customer facing and operations management - Min. 5 years’ experience in Operations and Project Management roles 2. Competence requirements (by priority) - Coordination and structure - Motivational skills - Communication skills - Analytical and Problem-Solving skills - Strategic thinking a plus - Presentation and Reporting skills - Comprehensive knowledge of working in both a multicultural environment and a global organization - Needed languages: English and Chinese Mandarin

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Production Manager/Production Director


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